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Revo by Evolution Trikes | Airborne XT912-SST Tundra | Airborne 912XT Tourer

The Revo by Evolution Trikes

Our brand new state-of-the-art 100 horsepower SLSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft) was added to the fleet in April 2010. The Revo is one of the best weight-shift-control aircraft (trike) on the market for comfort, flight performance and airplane-like handling and stability. This aircraft offers great responsiveness throughout a range of speed with feather light control input and effortless cruise up to 100 mph. We particularly like the extremely fast topless Reflex 11 wing, its cockpit heating capability, and its roomy and comfortable back seat.


Airborne XT912-SST Tundra and 912XT Tourers

All three of these trikes are hanging below the latest topless wing called the SST by Airborne.

Cruise speed on these wings are 75-95 mph.

Landing speed is around 50 mph.

Full power climb rates are 750 to 1000 feet per minute. (Average high speed elevator goes 250 feet per minute.)

As a footnote, Gerry, with his daring cohort Julie Mann, picked up the first production model of the SST wing at Sun N Fun Air Show in Florida with a Tundra base and flew from Lakeland, FL to Key West, FL and then proceeded the next day to spend the following month hopscotching North America westbound to Los Angeles for shipping to Kauai for Birds in Paradise service. Thirty days, 27 airports later, 4700 miles logged and 75 hours of airtime, they landed at Fullerton Airport.
Revo powered hang glider
Powered hang glider in Kauai
Kaui powered hang gliding instruction